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So here I am in Vegas walking around the casinos with my friend after we were just told that the pool party we were planning on going to wasn't happening. Apparently, the day before on the fourth of July, there had been so much debauchery that they couldn't clean the pool in time for the next day. A text or IG post would have been nice, but here were are in our hottest hot girl summer pool looks. I was wearing a bikini top with some see through cover up pants that gave a very nice view of my big round ass. My friend was wearing something similar. Needless to say we were getting a lot of attention.

But here we are in the casino and as I'm walking through the high rollers tables looking for a victim. I spot this talk, dark, and handsome athletic gift from Goddess playing craps. As I walked by we immediately made eye contact. But because I like to play hard to get sometimes, I kept walking. After I looked back and noticed that he was still staring but probably didn't want to leave the table, I turned around and went directly for the thing I wanted - him!

As I walked up to the table, he started to grin like he knew exactly what I was going to say. But instead, I asked, "What's the game?" I knew what game it was, but sometimes you have to act like a man knows things that you don't. As he started to tell me about craps, I couldn't help but zone out and image him bending me over right there in the middle of the casino and having his way with me. So when he asked, "Do you understand now?," I just nodded slowly, like yep I understand exactly what's about to happen.

Because I'm really short, and known as funsize, I like to be picked up, and his athletic build let me know he would have no problem doing just that. So I asked him if he was strong enough to pick me up. He just laughed and said, "Of course I can."

Well you know what I said next.

"Prove it."

Without hesitation, he picked me up by waist in the middle of the casino floor, and without even thinking I wrapped my legs around him. So here we are, sexual tension high as FUCK, in each other's arms. We snapped out of it eventually and he slowly put me down, and that's when I felt his hard dick. That was enough for my kitty cat to get excited, and pulled him close to whisper, "We need a room." He said, “Well it's a good thing mine is upstairs.”

Now I know you're probably like HELLO… what about your friend?! Oh she was right there, but the nice gentleman bought her a couple rounds of drinks, and we said we'd be right back.

We couldn't get up to the room fast enough. As soon as the door was unlocked, clothes came off, and my mouth was around his dick. Mmm and what a perfect dick it was. It was like his dick was made perfectly for my mouth and I sucked and sucked and sucked like it was the best sucker I had ever had. He gently pulled me up and picked up again! Then he tossed me on the bed, pushed my legs up, and had him something to eat as well. I couldn't have imagined this was going to happen in a million years.

But here I was letting a complete stranger eat my box like it was the last meal on earth.

After cumming in his mouth two times, I wanted that grand prize inside of me! Now I needed the dick. So I pushed his head away, turned around on my stomach and bent my ass up - and I didn't have to say anything else. Within seconds he was inside of me (after putting on a condom of course).

I was so wet, and he was so hard, I just knew he was probably going to come quick. I couldn't have been more wrong. This guy had stamina! Not only did we get in with doggy, he picked me up and bounced me up and down on his dick, which if you haven't… you must do it!!

We somehow ended up on the floor and I was riding him like I was riding the winner of the Kentucky Derby. I couldn't tell you how many times I came because I lost count. I just know that he finally came when we had switched to missionary and he had a full view of my double Ds just bouncing around.

Both exhausted and totally shocked with what had just happened, we laid on each other just staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t until I got a call from my friend telling me she was done with her second drink that I realized I had to go.

Vegas day one was off to a great start... and I couldn't wait for day two.


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