I pressed my back up against the cold tile and tilted my head back. I let the water slide down my neck and abdomen, leaving a trail of warmth wherever it went. The mix of hot and cold excited my senses. My hands started caressing my neck, massaging the soap into my skin. I liked this, a lot.

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Jennifer EdenComment
Alexa... Play Some Haux Shit

A prepared haux has an appropriate playlist for every occasion. And this haux comes prepared! I’ve got the right songs for every mood. To get you ready for the weekend, sure to be full of 4/20 high sex and stress-induced post-Easter Sunday service hookups, I’ve decided to share some of my faves.

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A Haux's Journey Through the Zodiac

I'm a Scorpio. And almost every time I tell someone, their response is something along the lines of, “Oh, y'all are freaks!” I never bother to ask if this conclusion was drawn from hearsay, lived experience, magazine horoscopes, or some other source. Wherever this cliché came from, it exists. And not just for Scorpios. There are sexual stereotypes attached to each sign.

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The Asexual Haux: Let's Play!

Play /plā/ : activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation.

Now we all know the play I’m talking about is a little more adult in nature. If you have ever been to Taste.Touch.Feel, you know that play has many dimensions and variations to satisfy anyone, asexual or not. I’ve currently been on a personal journey of sexual abstinence and asexual romantic dating as you may know from my previous blog, and finding new ways to play is of top priority.

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