Q: What is The Haux Hive?

A: The Haux Hive is a sex positive community centering the safety and free expression of Black queer womxn and QTPOC. We strive to create space for the variety of diverse identities within the kink, BDSM, and swinger communities online and in-person.

Q: What is a Haux?

A: A haux is anyone of any gender who finds power in their sexuality. A haux respects themselves, their partner(s), and the sexual autonomy of all people. The word “haux” reclaims the word “hoe” and replaces its negative connotation with celebration and empowerment.

Q: What is Taste.Touch.Feel?

A: Taste.Touch.Feel. is an interactive adult playdate that combines visual, tactile, and culinary stimulation to create a sensual experience like no other. The event is comprised of two distinct experiences. The first is a burlesque and variety show complete with kink demonstrations, contests, and games in which attendees are encouraged to participate. The afterparty gives guests an opportunity to apply what they learned during the show and to satiate their sensual palates. Guests may explore the venue and use the equipment therein to enhance their play. Consent is key and guests are welcome to engage to the extent of their comfort. 

Q: What should I expect?

A: Expect to be entertained by some of the most exciting burlesque and variety acts from the DC area and beyond. And expect to be educated by experts in kink and BDSM through provocative discussions and demonstrations. Each show boasts a diverse cast that showcases a vast array of talent, creativity, and professionalism. 

Q: What should I wear to Taste.Touch.Feel.?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or whatever turns you on. The venue doesn’t have a dress code. We do encourage all of our guests to dress in theme for each event and to participate in our costume contest, but it’s not at all mandatory. 

Q: Who is this event intended for? 

A: The Haux Hive’s Taste.Touch.Feel. experiences are intentionally curated with the safety of Black queer womxn and QTPOC as the priority in the space. We welcome people of all identities to attend and enjoy and ask that all attendees bear our priority in mind. We seek to highlight performers and presenters of color with the aim of disrupting the mainstream heteronormative and whitewashed view of burlesque and kink.

Q: Is there alcohol present?

A: SSC (safe, sane, consensual) standards in kink spaces typically don’t allow for alcohol. However our Taste.Touch.Feel shows do currently have a full bar present. We have taken measures to ensure the safety of all guests in the space while alcohol is present and ask that all attendees, whether consuming alcohol or not, still abide by SSC standards. 

Q: What are the rules about phones and cameras?

A: THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE OR CAMERAS PERMITTED BEYOND THE LOBBY. Phones and camera can be left in your car or stored in a locker. If you are seen during the show or afterparty with your phone or camera out, you will be asked to leave without a refund of your ticket. 

Q: Where can I keep my coat/bag/street clothes/phone/camera?

A: There is a monitored coat check area with lockers and hangers for you to safely store your belongings.

Q: What if I don’t want anyone to know I was at a The Haux Hive event?

What happens in The Haux Hive, stays in The Haux Hive. Our event guestlists are private. Our professional photographers/videographers will not capture you on camera without your consent.

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