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Wet Dreams by Lady Nwadike

The shower room was empty. You could feel the chill of the white and blue tile with its intricate alternating pattern. I walked up to the sink and started scrubbing my face. I studied my features. My dark brown skin, my small brown eyes, my pointed chin and my bushy eyebrows. My thin lips were pursed. What on earth do these people see in me? I looked down at my body. Must be this. I laughed to myself. I stepped into the shower and started the water. I stood outside the stream until I could see the steam rising indicating it was warm enough to venture in. I stepped under the cascade and let it fall over my body. I turned my face unto the oncoming water and let it flow down my head unto my back and down my legs. I had gotten this new coconut body wash from Bath and Body works I was eager to try. I started to lather up my body, slowly, making sure I got every nook and cranny. I'm not sure if it was the warm water pulsating over my body, the sweet smell of coconut or my thoughts of Mali but my hands and mind started to wander. 

I pressed my back up against the cold tile and tilted my head back. I let the water slide down my neck and abdomen, leaving a trail of warmth wherever it went. The mix of hot and cold excited my senses. My hands started caressing my neck, massaging the soap into my skin. I liked this, a lot. I took relief in the shower's warm surge of water. Coconut scents swirled in the air and kissed my nose. I slid my hand down my abdomen, leaving a trail of sudsy bubbles in its wake. I started slowly. I thought about Mark and his toned muscles. I thought about his lips on my skin. How it would look as he stared into my eyes with his light brown eyes as he stroked with all his might. How loud I would scream and how long I would beg for him to stop knowing damn well I didn't want him to. How it would feel to have all his weight come down on me all at once. 

 All of a sudden, it wasn't Mark I saw. It was Mali. I shook my head wildly. Why do I keep having these thoughts. I couldn't possibly be gay. Can I? Ever since Akila, men could not fully make me happy. I realized something was missing from all my relationships. I had never considered my bisexuality to be a thing. That word was not even a part of my vocabulary. My whole life, I was taught that homosexuality was bad and that people who did bad things went straight to hell. It's an abomination of my Nigerian culture and Jamaicans look down on it even though half the damn country is gay. It was a side of me I had always been curious about but repressed with all my might. I wanted to be the good girl, the one who brought great joy to her family, and marry well and have five children and be the happy housewife we are all trained to be. I sighed. 

I thought of Mark and I felt like a regular horny woman would feel. I relaxed again. Thoughts of Mali and what she would do to me filled my head. I felt like a teenage boy who just hit puberty. Confused, angry and horny. This time, I didn't fight it though. I envisioned her ravaging me. How she would make my eyes roll back and my back arch. I dreamed of her voice telling me sweet nothings as we held hands and she made love to me. I imagined her building up my world only to destroy it with one kiss leaving me at her mercy and begging for more. I imagined all the plates we would break as she took me in that very kitchen. I imagined how she would taste. How her face would look when I devoured her. 

My hands started moving faster and I started bucking my hips as the thoughts swirled faster and faster through my head. I felt her pinching me all over as the warmth of my climax washed over my entire body as I collapsed unto the tiled wall once more. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily, as the water washed the remnants of coconut away. At that moment, the water turned ice cold. I screamed and jumped out of the stream, grabbing my towel and turning the knob off.


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