A Haux New World!!

The Story of a Haux Finding Her People by Jennifer Eden


The Haux Hive's first Taste.Touch.Feel event was in August of 2017. I saw the info pop up on my Facebook feed and I didn't need much convincing (ok, any) before I bought a couple’s ticket for myself and one of my partners at the time. It seemed a little pricey, but with the promise of a good show and my intrigue around what an "interactive adult playdate" might entail, I was willing to spend a little coin. 

I had been to a play party before, but didn’t feel inclined to play in that very white, very cishet space. The exhibitionist in me was all about a do-over! I’ve always liked being watched and I couldn’t wait to see what my partner and I might get into with an audience.

This partner of mine was an adventurous one. I had bumped into them at a bunch of events and we had even worked together on a few projects. We connected at a point when I was putting all my energy into keeping things together - at work, at home, and in my creative endeavors. I needed a place where I could fall apart and not be judged for it. Because I have no shame, I reached out to them on Facebook messenger out of the clear blue and asked if they were a dominant. Without questioning my intentions, they said yes. And shortly thereafter they were tearin’ this pussy up! They definitely put me on to a thing or two and gave the most thorough aftercare I had ever experienced.

The day arrives...

I had no idea what to wear to an event like this, so I went for every haux's go-to - ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. There was no need for me to go shopping since I already had my fair share of a haux’s staple color in my closet. I chose a curve-hugging pencil skirt with a high front slit and a completely see-through mesh bralette. I put a drapey duster over it all, for subtlety’s sake. My legs were exposed, my belly was bare and, from the right angle, you could see my nipples. Honey, I was feelin’ myself!

My partner opted for a fishnet crop top, denim cut-offs, and Timberland boots. Because androgyny. This seems like an odd combination in retrospect, but I swear to GAWD they looked sexier than I had ever seen them. Imagine an aesthetic hybrid of Aaliyah and a construction worker. The Crucible’s no phones or cameras policy means we didn’t take any pictures that night, so you’ll just have to trust me on this.

The anticipation made the drive to the venue seem endless. We filled the time with guesses as to what we were about to experience. My partner’s hand on my thigh as I drove made it pretty hard to fathom waiting any longer to indulge in each other. We fought the temptation to pull over on the side of 295 and eventually made it to The Crucible.

We walked in…

…and were no more clear on what to expect than we were before we crossed the threshold. The nondescript entryway gave no clues. We walked toward a table where I thought we were just going to check our tickets, but that turned out to also be where we selected wristbands to denote what we were open to participating in that evening. We had already talked about this so out of the four options, we both chose the color that meant “down for whatever.”

We walked inside past a bar and a few vendor tables and chose two seats on the far side of the space. Relieved to no longer be driving, I was finally able to focus all my attention on my partner as we waited for the show to begin. But when I caught a glimpse of the cage and coffin, that we had apparently walked past on the way to our seats without me even noticing, my eyes continued to explore the space. There were suspension beams and all sorts of kink contraptions I had only seen in porn. I WAS IN HEAVEN!

The show started…

…with greetings from the hostesses. As it went on, they introduced each performer with an energy that had the audience ready for whatever was to come. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my favorite burlesquers on the lineup, like the drool-worthy Eva Mystique and the cosplay cutie Maki Roll. But my life was forever changed when Briq House was brought onto the stage. MY GAWD! I think she got just about all my ones. I had brought plenty ‘cause I had a feeling this was gonna be a tipping environment. And she deserved alllllllllllll the tips!

Between performances, there were all sorts of interactive games and demonstrations. Somehow my partner and I both ended up on stage for the costume contest. They even brought folks on stage for a twerk-off. And what haux doesn’t love a good, old fashioned twerk-off?!

When the afterparty started…

…my partner and I went right for the spanking bench I had pointed out during my visual scan of the space. They pulled it out of the corner where it had been tucked away during the show and instructed me to mount it. I climbed on and awaited further instruction. They slid my skirt up around my waist and kept me waiting. There I was with my ass in the air, not knowing what was coming next but ready for any and everything.

What came next was a sting unlike I had ever felt before. They slapped my ass so goddamn hard! After all the buildup of the night, I was grateful for the relief that came with the sensation. They had a way of knowing exactly what I needed in any given moment. And in that moment, well they knew.

What happened next is the reason Brooke has been asking me for over a year to do a blog about fisting. (It’s coming, I promise!) It turns out there was a whole circle of spectators watching while I was being broken into pieces. Completely oblivious at the time, it was an extra special post-session reward to know that my partner had been showing me off the entire time.

After we finished, and boy was it a strong finish, my partner wanted to take me somewhere more private for aftercare. We walked over to the lounge area, which is partitioned off from the rest of the space, and sat on an overstuffed sofa. Before long, I was on my knees thanking my partner for pleasing me on the spanking bench. Since I’ve been back to The Crucible, I’ve noticed a sign in that area saying no playing on the couch. Now, I didn’t see the sign at the time, so let’s just say it wasn’t put up until after that night.

My partner and I both enjoyed ourselves immensely that night. We connected in a way we hadn’t prior to that night. I think going to the first Taste.Touch.Feel. event really opened up new doors in our dynamic. I’m no longer involved with this partner, but that night, among many of our other sessions, has a permanent home in my spank bank.

Now that you're all warmed up...

…it’s time for you to get your tickets to our next event. That’s right, I’m a part of the team now! I went from being a regla haux’ enjoying the show from the audience all the way to being the host haux and PR rep for The Haux Hive! (cue the theme from The Jeffersons) If you haven't gotten your tickets to our Taste.Touch.Feel. - Love, Leather, and Lace event on Saturday February 16, use my promo code for 15% off your tickets! Enter SLUTOFTHEMONTH in the Eventbrite checkout and come party wit' a haux FOR THE LOW! You betta get you some…


Jennifer Eden (@slutofthemonth) is a poet, sex educator, and event curator from Baltimore who recently relocated to Philly to start over. Her work centers her identity as a Black queer femme and highlights the complexities of being a survivor, overcoming mental health hurdles, and healing from family and social traumas. She believes that gender is a social construct, that writing connects us to our ancestors and descendants, and that sex is a lot of fun! She produces burlesque and variety shows with The Haux Hive and loves a good, cheap white wine.

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