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A Haux's Journey Through the Zodiac

I'm a Scorpio. And almost every time I tell someone, their response is something along the lines of, “Oh, y'all are freaks!” I never bother to ask if this conclusion was drawn from hearsay, lived experience, magazine horoscopes, or some other source. Wherever this cliché came from, it exists. And not just for Scorpios. There are sexual stereotypes attached to each sign.

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Can a Haux Get Some Pho?

Travel back with me if you will to 2012 and my first consensually non-monogamous relationship. It was great! My girlfriend at the time would let me use her car to go carry out my hauxing while she was at work. I was a real life Jody from Baby Boy, accept my Yvette knew about it and was absolutely down. Trust me, she had her fair share of excursions and exploits as well.

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