#HAUXUPGLOWUP Story Contest Winner! - Part 1

This story won one lucky haux complimentary admission for them and a guest to our Braux Code show. 

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Here it goes...

"Jello Shots! Please." I say to the barmaid before thanking her gleefully. I collect my treasure then continue exploring. I make it a little over half[way down] the hallway when
with relief I run into one of the hosts. My face feels crimson as I request the room I'd been searching for all night. Grinning conspiratorially, he escorts me to the room at the farthest end of the hall on the left.
We enter the room and my chaperone steps aside allowing me to view the scene. I give a quick sweep of the room, dropping my Jello shots [off] on the dresser. I remove my silver cover-up to reveal my sheer black lace negligee. There’s maybe half a dozen women on the first bed closest to the door while, a small black table and a little domed black box sit quiet and harmless looking, on the second. The attachments are on the nightstand between the two beds. Rubber tracks with different sized dongs sticking up from the top; one of them had two heads!!! Another was just a flat track with bumps on one end and a larger peg in the center (I had no idea what that was for but I would find out soon enough!) I felt a thrill! This is what I’d come for!...but my inner coward nags at my slightly inebriated brain.
Things were amiss and needed my immediate attention. I take my time scanning the entire room telling myself I'm being ridiculous, that it was just a case of nerves when my eyes land on the massage chair, [then] the 20 or so tall candles on a makeshift table. Next to that stands a tall black man with his back to me. Wax Play!
The words reverberate around in my head and I take a step back feeling panicky. At that very moment, the giant mahogany skinned man turns to me. "Are you here for wax play or the sybian?"  He asks pleasantly enough, in a smooth rumble that makes you think thespian or voice over actor. If I hadn't been so nervous the tipsy giggle the thought brings to mind might have escaped. "The sybian." I say blushing and he smiles. "I have a lady ahead of you for wax then you're next," he says in his rich, even voice. Such a good voice! A real panty dropper. I nod swallowing a jello shot contemplating bolting. I sigh, trying not to pout, wishing one of my companions was with me.
I refused to chicken out! At the very least when I did see my lovers again I'd have a story to tell. To pass the time, I examine the women on the first bed, curious about what they were waiting for and why not a single one of them even dared to attempt to approach the bed the Sybian was on, let alone ride it. Before my distress could get the better of me one of the cutest voices ever interrupts my musings.
"I can do it if you want. I mean I'm not as good as him," she says jerking her head in the direction of the big man tinkering with the candles. I find myself looking down at this short lush curvy woman with beautiful golden skin complimented with a head full of honey blonde curls. Taking my hand she introduces herself. "Hi. I'm Juicy." Even lovelier up close, I take the offered hand, pleased to find it warm and soft against my cool palm.
"Feisty,"  I reply and her light brown eyes twinkle with good-natured mischief.  I decided right away that I liked this plump golden pixie.
"Come with me...Feisty."  I like the way she makes my name sound like a naughty secret. I flash her a dimple as my imagination paints very interesting possibilities of what those secrets could be on my brains canvas.
I follow without question as she guides me toward the second bed by the bicep. At her invitation, I crawl onto the bed. Juicy disinfects the machine while giving me directions and explaining things. Somehow through the whole process, she still managed to be sexy and adorable. I smile again concerned that my head might spontaneously combust if I continued to blush this much.
The steady stream of commentary from the women assembled on the other bed dies down to an excited murmur as I kneel beside the contraption. I study the small box roughly the size of a riding saddle minus the pummel and tail. I begin to have serious doubts this would work. I couldn’t fit on that thing let alone actually ride it! To fail would be mortifying! I close my eyes taking a deep breath or two wishing for all the world that one of my partners was beside me. My doubts and disappointment grow, gnawing at the fraying edges of my bravado like a rat trying to get to the tasty bits in a can. I force myself to ignore the bad feelings, telling myself this is the last chance tonight for a once in a lifetime experience.
Reminiscing on my late teens when I would sneak and watch “Real Sex.” One of my favorite episodes was the one with the sex machines. I watched that little blonde thrash and vocalize, before being helped from the machine boneless, giggling and glowing. A virginal me said I want to do that one day. Well, one day was here, twenty-something years later. Could I face myself coming this close, only to chicken out?... Because I was insecure and stressing about doing this on my own? I’ll be damned!, I conclude, punctuating the thought with a low hmph and a mental eye roll.

There's more!

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