PARADOX - Winning #HauxUpGlowUp Contest Submission

If you're from Baltimore and of a certain age you remember The Dox. Going to The Dox on a 3rd Saturday was a whole thing! Anyway, one 3rd Saturday my friends and I decided that we were going to go. So I began reaching out to others, crushes included because you cant be caught slipping. I at the time, single and mingling, reached out to my at-the-time Fuck Buddy to see what she was doing after the club ..cause you know how a night of drinking and dancing could have you feeling. Game. SET. OK.

Back to daytime shenanigans of getting ready and what not. I stopped past a friends house to collect some things needed to bring my outfit to where it needed to be. She was smoking and I always carried a jay in my bag. So..we matched. She must've been pre-gaming early because baby girl was feeling herself.. then me...and then mini-me. We engaged in 20 mins of humping, biting and then I drowned her. If you catch my flow...SHE DID.

I gathered my things and dipped "See you tonight!" I still had shit to do...but now with an extra pep in my step. 

    Time was closing in and the girls were arriving to my house along with my at-the-time BIG crush ..we were great friends. Showered and now in the middle of getting dressed my crush entered the room. No words were spoken. She shut and locked my door. I WAS CONFUSED AS FUCK...but intrigued. She pushed me against the wall RIGHT by my door and began kissing me deeply. Biting and sucking my neck, hands exploring and removing what little items I did manage to put on. Kissing down my belly she slid my panties to the side, threw a leg over her shoulder and proceeded to QUENCH HER THIRST DEAR LORD! My best friend was trying to get in the room, my crush then says, irritated from the knocking and obviously thirsty, "she cumming!" I giggled..and then I did.

She exited because her ride was outside (come to find out she was never going to the club).

Life continued and on to the club my friends and I went. We danced, we drank, flirted, smoked until the sun came up and we left.

I went with my best friend to her apartment along with my Fuck Buddy. We all know what happened there :-) . Cardio goals MET.

- Rowe Flow