An unconventional journey through womb health & sexual satisfaction through self. 

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Step 1: Greet Yo’self!

2018 is truly the year of “Reclaiming One’s Time!”

I believe the best way to do this is to reconnect with yourself from the inside out, so I’ve curated a safe blog zone for all of us who are interested in self appreciation and awareness. I recommend you dedicating a notepad, notebook, journal, diary or papyrus to get the most out of this series. Disclaimer: I am no expert, I’m merely conveying an accumulation of lessons and knowledge I’ve acquired through informal education, self-reflection, reading, talking with elders, ancestors, family, friends and colleagues.

Have you ever walked by a mirror and attracted yourself with your own sexual energy. Have you felt the heat and pulsation radiating from every nerve ending and wondered what it would be like to truly make love to yourself fiercely? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Have you mastered yourself?

Before you answer that question, take a moment to reflect on the meaning of the word
Master: To acquire complete knowledge or control of; to overcome.

Now, let’s really dissect this. I’m a Virgo sun & moon, I like to ANALyze.
(I’m also a haux, so emphasis on anal.)

Do you know what you like? Have you ever made yourself cry in bed? I feel the first step in mastering one’s self is to learn every moving part and how they all work together. When you wake up in the morning, before you open your eyes, feel your presence. Take a deep breath and feel the energy of the space you occupy. Feel the temperature in the room, do you notice it starting to rise as you enter your earthly capsule? You remember when you were younger and your parents would fuss at you for not greeting the adults in a room when you entered? Same rules apply to yourself. Do you say hello to yourself in the morning?

I challenge you to greet every part of your body upon waking (how you greet is entirely up to you).
Say good morning to your thighs that cocooned your yoni and kept her warm and protected, while you rested or ventured to the astral realm. Run your fingers through your hair and scalp and down your arms and stomach. Feel yourself and get reacquainted with your vessel. The purpose of this is not to orgasm but to recognize your touch and your feel. Did you know that when you touch something, certain textures can evoke specific emotions? Zero in on the emotions you feel when you touch your skin. Are you aroused? Do you feel shame or embarrassment? Do you feel powerful or powerless? Take note of these emotions in a journal or diary.

We have been taught to put others before ourselves and to share and to give love and charity to others because you never know what you are to someone else, but what are you to yourself?


Write a poem to yourself.

Not about yourself, but to yourself.
Write something you would enjoy reading, something that would make you happy to receive.

If you would like to share your completed homework, tag @thehauxhive in pictures of your poems on instagram or use hashtag #thehauxhivehomework to have your work featured in the next episode of MASTERbation!


Love, ATW