You betta get you some...
— Haux Proverb

The Haux Hive is a sex positive community for free people. We create safe spaces and experiences to express and educate yourself on all things sex and sensuality.

The Haux Hive was created by Brooke Jay in response to a series of thought provoking questions posted to Facebook with the hashtag #letstalksextalk. People were longing to open up about things long repressed which birthed our secret FB group. We grew to an intimate 120 members and soon had a desire to expand and commune in person. This led to Taste. Touch. Feel. events, our bi-weekly podcast (The Haux Hive Radio), this website, and even more Haux goodness on the way!



To create safe and accessible spaces for the education and exploration of sexuality and sensuality. We use entertainment to address social taboos,  for those who seek to go beyond a vanilla lifestyle.


As a self-proclaimed and self-defined Haux, I am empowered to express my sensuality and sexuality in ways that best fit me, legally and ethically. My sexual expressions are not bound by the negative sexual stigmas, phobias and -isms of society. I give myself permission to explore myself and respectfully engage others to further my knowledge and awareness of self and the world around me. I give myself permission to make my own boundaries and determine how I want to be regarded. I take care of my being: mind, body and soul. 


To Join The Haux Hive team, fill out an APPLICATION and submit your resume to